University of Barcelona

Applied Materials Chemistry

Objectives and competences


The objective of the master's degree is to provide students with a knowledge and understanding of materials based on chemical principles. Students will develop a foundation that enables them to develop and use the concepts of applied chemistry in flexible and original ways.


General competences

  • Ability to work through practical examples and obtain results.

  • Capacity to apply the specific experimental techniques of applied materials chemistry.

  • Capacity to consult the scientific literature, databases, patents and current legislation.

  • Ability to write scientific reports and papers and prepare presentations of scientific material.

  • Ability to plan and design a research project.

Specific competences

  • Understanding of methods for the synthesis and characterization of different types of materials.

  • Ability to identify the correlation between the structure, composition and properties of materials.

  • Knowledge of the applications of different materials in different areas of industry.

  • Ability to design specific materials for energy and environmental applications.

  • Capacity to apply instrumental techniques for the study and characterization of materials.

  • Capacity to conduct experimental research independently.

  • Ability to conduct chemical laboratory work in compliance with regulations on safety, hygiene and waste management.

  • Ability to conduct laboratory work in compliance with quality management criteria.

Full list of competences.