University of Barcelona

Organic Chemistry

Organization and teaching methodology

The Master in Organic Chemistry is a degree that requires attending mandatory theory classes and the writing of a Final Report, known as TFM (Treball Fi de Màster), which, in itself, incorporates a significant practical laboratory component. The theoretical subjects are taught is masterclasses, in which the student is also required to work on the resolution of problems, and/or to present a relevant topic in public, either individually or as part of a group. Typically, these lessons are of one or two hours duration. On the other hand, the Final Report (TFM), consist in applying the knowledge acquired in theory classes to the carrying out of a practical project developed in a research laboratory, working full-time. At the end, the results are presented in the form of a written thesis together with an oral presentation before an evaluation committee. The whole learning process is supervised by a tutor and student autonomy is highly encouraged. 

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