University of Barcelona

Organic Chemistry


Academic year 2022-2023


The continual assessment tests corresponding to each subject will be programmed by the members of the teaching staff.

Final examinations, both for students undertaking continual and non-continual assessments, will take place simultaneously, although their contents may be different.

A second examination for those students who fail the first will take place between April 11 and 14 (schedule to be determined).


COMPULSORY SUBJECTS: the final examinations will take place on the following days:

Biological Chemistry:                                                    November 2

Design and Methods of Organic Synthesis:                November 4

Theoretical Organic Chemistry:                                    November 7

Spectroscopic Techniques in Organic Chemistry:     January 27



OPTIONAL SUBJECTS: the final examinations will take place on the following days:

Stereoselective Organic Synthesis:                              January 9

Chemistry of Peptides and Nucleic Acids:                   January 11

Molecular Modeling:                                                       January 13

Heterocyclic Chemistry:                                                 January 16

Organic Materials:                                                           January 18

Organometallic Chemistry:                                            January 20

Medicinal Chemistry:                                                      January 23

Industrial Organic Chemistry:                                        January 25

Test schedules will be set later depending upon the availability of classrooms.

Information about the assessment tests