University of Barcelona

Atomistic and Multiscale Computational Modelling in Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Career opportunities

Students who attend and complete this master's degree will be prepared to work in fundamental or applied advanced research, both in public and private R&D&I centres. An important outcome for the students who complete this master's degree and who are interested in continuing to carry out tasks of research will be the accomplishment of a doctorate in an area of research in which molecular modelling is important. In the BKC and the Barcelona hub, there are different research groups dedicated to computational modelling in different fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry in which the students will be able to pursue a doctorate. Likewise, they would not have any problem should they continue their doctoral studies in any of the universities of the European Higher Education Area or other continents.

Besides, the applied knowledge of scientific models and programs that students will acquire, along with their advanced training in computer science and programming, will offer them the possibility to work in different environments. Some of them include R&D&I departments and business management units of the technology sector: companies that need to analyse complex control systems and networks, analysis and modelling of big data; pharmaceutical companies; companies dedicated to environment or energy technologies and materials; companies in technology consulting and audit, software development companies, etc.