Emotional Care for the Hospitalized Child: The Child Life Model

Career opportunities

Graduates could occupy posts that are focused entirely on the Child Life model in children's hospitals and in pediatric services in general hospitals. Alternatively, the degree could provide additional training for their work as nurses and psychologists. The course is also designed for professionals in the healthcare sector who can apply the knowledge to their daily work. In the future, job opportunities could arise in the area of primary care. Opportunities may also emerge in the area of education, as teachers on courses in the health sector.

The inclusion of the Child Life discipline in pediatric care in hospitals will become increasingly important. Although it is still not a very common concept (no doubt due to a lack of academic training in this area), it will gradually be incorporated into usual practice, as were the fields of dietetics, speech therapy, and other therapies and disciplines that are now commonly used. In no US or European (particularly British) hospitals, is the hospitalisation of a child considered without the guidance of a person specialised in emotional care.