SEMINARIS DE LA FACULTAT DE GEOLOGIA I L'INSTITUT DE CIÈNCIES DE LA TERRA 'JAUME ALMERA':"Onshore study of the Namibe basin (Angola): structural, stratigraphic and diagenetic evidence associated to the Early Cretaceous Central Atlantic opening"

Notícia | 05-07-2016

A càrrec de: E. Casciello, M. Moragas Institut de Ciències de la Terra Jaume Almera, ICTJA-CSIC
Significant oil discoveries in the Brazilian Campos, Santos and Pelotas basins have attracted research onto the under-explored regions of the 'conjugate' African margin of the central Atlantic Ocean, including the Namibe Basin of Angola.

Here, field based structural study, RSM, sedimentological and diagenetic analyses are used to unravel the tectono-sedimentary evolution and it's relation with the major magmatic and diagenetic stages. Detailed fault chronology, margin-scale ocean-wards tilt, mayor transgressive and erosional events, with the consequent diagenetic complexities, are documented in this multidisciplinary study funded and coordinated by Statoil.

Dia: Dimarts 5 de juliol
Hora: 12:00 h
Lloc: Sala d'actes de l'Institut Jaume Almera