Universitat de Barcelona

Màster en Geologia i Geofísica de Reservoris

TFM 2017-18

Recull de treballs realitzats


  • UltraHighResolution seismic imaging in the Gulf of Cadiz for natural hazard assessment. Estudiant: Ennio Piazza; Tutors: Rafael Bartolomé (ICM-CSIC), Beatriz Benjumea















  • 3D numerical reconstruction of an Oligocene carbonate ramp. Implications for HC reservoirs from the Caribbean and SE Asia. Tutors: Oscar Gratacós (UB), Telm Bover (UB)
  • Controls on carbonate platform extension and architecture under different scales of transgressive-regressive cyclicity. Insights from numerical modelling Asia. Tutors: Oscar Gratacós (UB), Miguel López-Blanco (UB)
  • Characterization of an outcrop analog for mixed carbonate-siliciclastic shallow platform reservoirs. Tutors: Telm Bover (UB), Ramon Salas (UB)
  • Determining the onset of folding by analyzing paleoslope direction from gravity normal faults and slumps (the Sant Corneli anticline, Pyrenees). Tutor: Jaume Vergés (ICTJA-CSIC)
  • Zagros folding style variations applying 2D and 3D numerical modeling with different mechanical stratigraphy. Tutors: Jaume Vergés (ICTJA-CSIC), Jonas Ruh (ICTJA-CSIC)
  • Testing two contrasting crustal versus mantle supported western Pyrenees using LITMOD numerical modelling. Tutors: Ivone Jiménez-Munt (ICTJA-CSIC), Jaume Vergés (ICTJA-CSIC)
  • Multiscale characterization of fracture zones and the role of fluids: geophysical and petrological study of the Vallès fault in Samalús. Tutors: Gemma Alias (UB), Juanjo Ledo (UB)
  • Cenozoic basin development and relationships with the South Caribbean deformed belt (northern Colombia). Tutor: Antoni Teixell (UAB)
  • Diagenesis effect on carbonate reservoirs. Tutora: Anna Travé (UB)
  • Development of detachment folds on successions including two salt layers: impact of the syn-orogenic sedimentation rate and thickness of the interlayered non-evaporitic sequences in their geometry and kinematics. Tutor: Eduard Roca (UB)
  • Extension and inversion of domino-style basement faults with pre-extensional salt. Tutor: Oriol Ferrer (UB)
  • Role of inherited salt structures during contractional reactivation: Three-dimensional sandbox models and application to the Zagros fold and thrust belt. Tutor: Oriol Ferrer (UB), Pablo Santolaria (UB)
  • Structural controls on the evolution of the Serranía Aguaragüe (Subandean region, Bolivia): Evidences from surface, sub-surface data and kinematic modelling. Tutors: Oskar Vidal-Royo (Terractiva), Oriol Ferrer (UB)
  • Late inversion of the Vienna pull apart basin from 3D depth migrated seismic data. Tutors: Pablo Granado (UB), Oriol Ferrer (UB)


  • Understanding the Mesozoic extensional structure and its influence on the subsequent inversion of the Organyà Basin (Central Pyrenees). Tutors: Maria Roma (UB), Oriol Ferrer (UB)
  • Screening and ranking of suitable CO2 storage sites in Spain. Tutors: Juan Alcalde (ICTJA-CSIC), Ramon Carbonell (ICTJA-CSIC)


  • Experiment design to geoelectrical characterization of analog modeling. Tutors: Alex Marcuello (UB), Oriol Ferrer (UB)
  • Processing of EM time-series for reservoir characterization. Tutor: Alex Marcuello (UB)
  • 3D Geological and Geophysical modelling for Geothermal applications: the case study of the Reus-Valls basin of Catalan Costal Ranges. Tutors: Albert Griera (UAB), Juanjo Ledo (UB), Ignasi Herms
  • Fluid/Heat flow modelling using Eclipse-Petrel. Application to the Benicassim basin. Tutors: Albert Griera (UAB), Enrique Gómez-Ribas (UB), Juan Diego Martín (UB)
  • Evaluation of rock properties in carbonate reservoris by means of core and plug analysis. Tutor: Telm Bover (UB)
  • Sedimentary architecture of the Ametlla delta (Ager basin, Pyrenees). Tutors: Eduard Remacha (UAB), Oriol Oms (UAB)
  • Dynamic reservoir simulation of platform carbonates with massive diagenetic alterations. Tutors: Enrique Gómez-Ribas (UB), Albert Griera (UAB), Juan Diego Martín (UB)
  • Hydrocarbon prospectivity analysis in the Rockall Basin (Northern UK) based on 2D seimic interpretation and petroleum system modeling. Tutors: Patricia Cabello (UB), Miquel Marin (Schlumberger), Oliver Schenk (Schlumberger)
  • Magnetolluric modeling from oil and gas revervoir structures. Comparison with seismic synthetic responses. Tutora: Anna Martí (UB)
  • Source rock uncertainty analysis in the Gippsland Basin (SE Australia) based on 2D seismic interpretation and petroleum system modeling. Tutors: Teodoro Cassola, Cassandra Warren, Oriol Ferrer (UB)
  • Time residual analysis of the Catalan seismic network broadband stations in relation to local geology. Tutors: Pilar Queralt (UB), Josep Batlló, Tànit Frontera
  • Time residual analysis of the Catalan seismic network broadband stations in relation to local geology. Tutors: Rafael Bartolomé (ICM-CSIC), Beatriz Benjumea (ICGC)