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Publication: The results of applying different methodologies to 10 years of quantitative precipitation estimation in Catalonia using weather radar

Notícia | 18-07-2021

The single polarization C-band weather radar network of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia covers the entire region (32.000 km2), which allows it to apply a series of corrections that improve preliminary estimations of the rainfall field (hourly and daily). In addition, an automatic re-processing using automatic weather stations helps to incorporate ground-based information. The last process of the quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) is running the end-product again eight days later, when the data have been reviewed and corrected in the case of detecting anomalies in the radar or gauge data. These corrections are applied operationally, with the fields generated and stored automatically. The QPE fields are generated in the GeoTIFF format, allowing easy use with multiple applications and simplifying processes such as quality control. In this way, the analysis of a 10 year period of GeoTIFF QPE daily data compared with ground rainfall values is introduced. The results help to understand different points regarding the functioning of the network such as the dependance on the type of precipitation and the seasonality. In addition, the description of a heavy rainfall episode (22 October 2019) shows the variations and improvements in the different products. The main conclusions refer to how using GeoTIFF combined with point data (rain gauges), it is possible to ensure simple but effective quality control of an operational radar network.