Palaeontologists describe a preservation process unique to resins analyzing feather and hair remains found in amber in Teruel

News | 27-11-2020






A team of palaeontologists described two amber pieces found in sites in Teruel (Spain) with remains from vertebrates corresponding to the Early Cretaceous. Both pieces have their origins in the same conservation process of resins, described for the first time by the researchers. One of these remains corresponds to the finding of the oldest mammalian hair in amber worldwide, and the remains found in the other piece correspond to dinosaur feathers.

The team, whose results have been published in the journal Scientific Reports, is formed by Sergio Álvarez Parra and Xavier Delclòs, both from the University of Barcelona; Mónica M. Solórzano Kraemer, from the Senckenberg Natural History Museum (Frankfurt, Germany); Luis Alcalá, from Dinópolis (Teruel), and Enrique Peñalver, from the Geological and Minning Institute of Spain (Valencia).