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All the students can realize the autoenrolment (automatrícula) as long as they have previously submitted to the Secretary of the Faculty of Earth Sciences the originals or photocopies of the required documentation.

Enrolment day: 12 September at 12 p.m. in Aula S1 of the Faculty.

Students who are unable to register on 12 September will have to make an appointment in order to register at the following e-mail address:


1st step. Provide the documentation


2nd step.  Validation of subjects

It is necessary to fill in the form in order to choose the optional subjects that you want to enrol in and send it by e-mail to

You must receive the validation/acceptance of the master's coordination of the chosen subjects before registering.

Period to send the form: from 2 to 6 September.

NOTE: Students who pre-enrol in the third period: from 16 July to 10 September, will have to validate their subjects after the Admission Resolution has been published.


3rd step . Start registration

Enrolment will take place in person in classroom S1 of the Faculty of Earth Sciences. In this phase, it is necessary to enter personal data and choose the compulsory and optional subjects, in accordance with the structure of the Master's and the supervision of the coordination of the Master.

The permanence regulations establish the minimum and maximum number of credits that students have to enrol according to the type of type of dedication:

  • Full-time: between 49 and 60 credits
  • Part-time: between 20 and 48 credits

If the General Scholarship is applied for, the student must register the 60 credits, according to the requirements of the convocation.


4th step  Tuition Payment

If you are entitled to any kind of economic deduction, you must go through the Secretariat to present the documentation that certifies the possible deduction and be able to modify the registration.

If no modification is to be made, the payment must be made before the date indicated on the printed receipt.

Methods of payment of the registration fee:

Check the information of the available aids:

More information: