University of Barcelona

Reservoir Geology and Geophysics

Master Research Projects 2019-20




  • The use of magnetotelluric responses to evaluate the geoelectric signature of faults. Student: Daniela Colorado; Tutor: Anna Martí (UB)





  • Testing two contrasting crustal versus mantle supported western Pyrenees using LITMOD numerical modelling. Student: Batu Menghe; Tutors: Jaume Vergés (ICTJA-CSIC), Ivone Jiménez-Munt (ICTJA-CSIC)





  • Thermal and petroleum systems modeling in the central Valencia trough, western Mediterranean. Student: Omer Karakas; Tutors: Miquel A. Marin (Schlumberger), Patricia Cabello (UB)





  • Multi-scale fracture pattern analysis around the Mena de la Sal diapir (Basque-Cantabrian Basin): implications for regional strain and fluid flow. Student: Babak Sayad; Tutors: Juan Alcalde (ICTJA-CSIC), Enrique Gómez-Rivas (UB)