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International Business



The bachelor's degree in International Business provides students with knowledge specifically adapted to business, organization and institution management in the context of internationalization. This degree also enables students to learn the main languages used in the business world since it is taught entirely in English and includes several Languages for Business subjects, including German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

The bachelor's degree in International Business is aimed at students with an interest in the economy and the corporate world in an international context and in the main languages in the business world, as well as in cultural differences and the ability to adapt to them. Therefore, alongside subjects on different functional areas in companies and on how the economy operates, from an international perspective, students also take subjects on aspects of mathematics and statistics, law, culture and business in different parts of the world. Students must take a compulsory subject in English for business and three on languages for business and may take up to two more optional subjects in German, French, Italian, Russian or Chinese. Students may (and usually do) complete one semester or year at an international university and may also take up to four optional placement subjects at the UB or abroad.

Graduates can work in export companies, multinationals, public bodies (regional, national or international), companies devoted to economic and commercial promotion, and NGOs involved in international cooperation.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSocial Sciences
Approximate price per credit17,69 €