Other specific documentation related to the selection criteria

Students with previous degrees issued by an EU university DO NOT require any authentication procedure. However, non-English papers must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator according to the Spanish Ministry of Education requirements.

Students with previous degrees issued by a non-EU university have to authenticate their original certificates and documents through diplomatic procedures. In case the papers are not in Spanish nor English language, must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. You will find more information about this authentication procedure in the UB web or the Ministry of Education web.


Students admitted to the programme with a degree issued outside Spain will be required to pay a fee for the administrative approval of the documentation (218,15€).

Once having the necessary documentation, certified copies by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate of the student's country should be sent. If the student is already living in Spain can certify the copies in any official body. Recall it is necessary to present the original document in order to certify a copy. FOR THE FINAL ADMISSION, NOT CERTIFIED COPIES AND SCANNED DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED VALID.

The document copies must be in black and white. Color copies will not be accepted.