University of Barcelona

Accounting and Taxation

Career opportunities

Graduates will have career opportunities in three main areas: the public sector, the private sector, and as independent professionals. Students who complete this specialized course will be able to carry out tasks ' particularly in the areas of analysis and planning ' that are not covered in the bachelor's degree courses that grant access to the master's degree.

In the public sector, the skills they acquire during the course will enable graduates to work in management roles in any area of accounting and taxation in public bodies and public companies. Graduates will also be able to manage accounts and fiscal planning for public bodies. They will have the right profile to work as approved auditors of public bodies.

In the private sector, the analytical and planning skills developed over the course of the master's degree will enable graduates to undertake tasks of this nature in accounting, taxation and auditing.

Independent work is one of the most promising areas for career development in these fields: the students' specialized training in accountancy will enable them to address the various problems routinely faced by companies and organizations. In addition, students who successfully complete this specialized master's degree will be exempt from the first stage of access to the Official Register of Accounting Auditors (ROAC), which is the starting point for the auditing profession. Knowledge of taxation is complementary to knowledge of accountancy, and graduates will be able to work as advisors, harnessing their comprehensive understanding of these two key areas for companies and organizations.