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Final project

In accordance with the general regulations of the UB and the specific conditions applied at the Faculty of Economics and Business (enllaç), university master’s degrees are courses of study intended to provide advanced specialized or multidisciplinary training that facilitates subsequent academic or professional specialization or the initiation of a research career. All university master’s degree students must complete a Final Project, which is assessed on the basis of a public presentation and defence.

Within this framework, the syllabus of the university master’s degree in Creation and Management of New Technology-Based Firms contains the subject Final Project, which has a study load of 10 credits.

Students may choose to carry out projects of different types, including the development of a business plan for a new firm, an innovation plan for an existing business department, or an applied research project relating to the degree content.

Students should endeavour to bring together the specific different skills and competences acquired during the master’s degree and use them to develop creative, innovative proposals.

The project must be an original piece of individual work, overseen by a tutor assigned by the Master’s Degree Committee. The tutor is responsible for approving the project proposal and providing guidance where necessary. The project must be presented and defended in a public session, for assessment by a panel of three examiners.

Assessment takes into account the following aspects of the project:

- Rigour. Students are expected to be thorough in their project design, in their choice of bibliographic references and examples, and in the application of methodologies and tools.

- Viability. The proposal must be conceptually, materially and economically viable.

- Specific detail. The project should be set out in specific terms and carried out according to a clearly definable methodology.

- Singularity and originality. Credit will be given for the presentation of original ideas that constitute a novel response to the demands of the field of study.

- Formal aspects. Compliance with formal presentation requirements, including resources and structure.

- Defence. Quality of delivery and communication skills.

Final Project presentations will be given in the following periods:

  • First period: 10 - 11 of july, 2017
  • Second period: 13 - 14 of september, 2017