University of Barcelona

Cultural Management

Career opportunities

Cultural managers operate in a range of roles and fields depending on the specific cultural and institutional parameters of their local and regional contexts. The primary factors that shape opportunities in the sector are the degree of direct or indirect governmental involvement in cultural organizations; the degree of development of private management of cultural activities; the scale of existing projects; and the degree of interaction with other culture professionals and with professionals outside the framework of cultural organizations.
To address these emerging challenges, the master's degree in Cultural Management provides the training for a range of career options:
  • Manager, specialist or administrator in the framework of public, civic or business services, teams and projects.
  • Planner/producer of cultural events (in the arts and humanities, festivals, heritage, tourism, etc).
  • Regional cultural manager.
  • Planner/promoter of intercultural dynamics and socio-cultural activities.
  • Researcher in cultural management and cultural policies.

Watch the video The profile of the cultural manager in the 21st century, by Lluís Bonet (in Catalan).