University of Barcelona

Internationalization: Economic, Commercial, Legal and Political Aspects

Final project

According to the general regulations of the UB and the specific conditions applied at the Faculty of Economics and Business,the purpose of university master’s degree courses is to ensure that students gain advanced, specialized or multidisciplinary training, aimed at academic or professional specialization or at preparation for research activities, and the course must end with the preparation and public presentation of a final project.

Consequently, the syllabus of the master’s degree in Internationalization includes a final project worth 20 ECTS credits.

This project is carried out during the third semester of the master’s degree course. Before the start of the third semester, each student must choose a research topic, which must be approved by the Master's Degree Committee. The Committee will also assign a tutor to each final project, taking into account the students’ preferences. The tutor oversees the general development of the research assignment. Once the tutor has submitted a favourable report, the student can defend their final project in public. Public presentations usually take place in December during the third semester of each edition of the Master's Degree, although additional periods can be established. The three members of the examination panel for each project are appointed by the Master's Degree Committee.