University of Barcelona

Marketing and Market Research

Objectives and competences


The general objective of this master's degree is to provide advanced and specialized training in marketing and market research to respond to social and business needs in the sector. Therefore, the aim is to provide students with a comprehensive, in-depth, theoretical and practical overview of the methods and techniques of marketing management and the tools and techniques used in market research, which are required for the development of the company and other organizations in a highly competitive environment.

With this training, students gain the skills required:
- To hold positions of responsibility in the area of marketing and market research in companies, consultancies, offices, research institutes, and other organizations, and to work as an independent professional.
  • To undertake business initiatives and new projects and introduce them into the market.
  • To design and implement rigorous business research in global, competitive environments for companies and non-profit organizations.
  • To improve professional opportunities as individuals who already have management experience in these areas of knowledge or who hold a bachelor's degree in this area and wish to reinforce or expand their training and technical capabilities in the field of marketing and market research.


Basic competences
  • Capacity to understand the acquired knowledge, learn to apply it and solve problems related to the field of study.
  • Creative and entrepreneurial skills (capacity to conceive, design and manage projects/capacity to research and integrate new knowledge and approaches).
  • Capacity to take on management responsibilities in global, competitive environments.
  • Capacity to develop oral and written communication skills.
  • Capacity to analyse and synthesize information and extract relevant conclusions from the ideas that are presented.
  • Ability to write texts and submit reports, projects or other types of documents on business research or marketing strategies.
  • Capacity to understand the ethical and moral values that prevail in the market and that are directly related to commercial activity and the social responsibility of the company.
  • Learning abilities that facilitate self-directed and independent learning.

Specific competences
  • Capacity to adopt a strategic approach to global marketing and a comprehensive stance on business problems, as well as the ability to address them.
  • Capacity to find out about the market and consumers, and to appreciate the diversity of approaches.
  • Ability to plan, design and implement marketing strategies.
  • Capacity to apply knowledge of the principles and tools of research to solving problems related with marketing and market research.
  • Capacity to design and implement rigorous business research projects in a regional, national and international context.
  • Ability to work with the sources of data, methods and techniques of scientific research and the computer tools used in marketing.
  • Capacity to learn and use marketing and market research tools and instruments (accounting, statistics, etc.).
  • Capacity to understand the specific economic, business, legal and accounting environment to make business decisions.
  • Capacity to direct innovation processes in organizational contexts.
  • Capacity to integrate and apply new trends in marketing and market research in a profitable, effective way in the company and others organizations.
  • Capacity for critical analysis of current consumer societies, and the capacity to analyse the organization and social meaning of consumption in different social groups.