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Marketing and Market Research

Recommended applicant profile and admission requirements

Recommended applicant profile

Applicants to the university master's degree in Marketing and Market Research should have previously taken the specialization in Marketing and Market Research in the UB bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management, or any other bachelor's degree in which they have gained knowledge of business and marketing as well as the required economic and statistical knowledge. In general, any person who has graduated in Business Administration and Management or equivalent studies could have the training required to take the master's degree if they complete the bridging courses that the Selection Committee considers necessary, which could be worth up to 30 credits.

The master's degree is also designed for graduates in Economics and Sociology, who may be admitted after an evaluation of the need for bridging courses.

In addition to applicants with economics and sociology degrees, the master's degree is also designed for individuals holding technical or scientific degrees with a strong background in statistics and/or social sciences. In these cases, before starting the master's degree, candidates must expand their training with bridging courses.

Admission requirements

In accordance with Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/29 October 2007, students must hold one of the following qualifications to access university master's degree courses:
  • An official Spanish degree.
  • A degree issued by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area framework that authorizes the holder to access university master's degree courses in the country of issue.
  • A qualification from outside the framework of the European Higher Education Area. In this case, the qualification should be recognized as equivalent to an official Spanish degree. If it is not recognized, the University of Barcelona shall verify that it corresponds to a level of education that is equivalent to official Spanish degrees and that it authorizes the holder to access university master's degree courses in the country of issue. Admission shall not, in any case, imply that prior qualifications have been recognized as equivalent to a Spanish master's degree and does not confer recognition for any purposes other than that of admission to the master's degree course.

Specific requirements

Any student who is qualified at the level required to take a university master's degree at a Spanish university may apply for this course, according to current legislation. The Master's Degree Committee will appoint a selection committee to assess each application and determine whether the candidate's profile is suitable for admission. If accepted, the candidate must take an exam to determine whether they need to complete bridging courses.

In accordance with Royal Decree 861/2010, bridging subjects required for admission to the degree will be considered master's credits for the purposes of public fees and the awarding of grants and other financial aid. Bridging courses, with a total study load of up to 30 ECTS credits, will be on the following areas: Fundamental Principles and Management of Marketing and Market Research. They will be taken prior to or during the master's degree course.

Given that the master's degree can be accessed from different disciplines, to ensure success on the course, candidates must demonstrate that they have relevant prior knowledge or gain this knowledge during the course. To find out whether a student has this knowledge, five online multiple-choice tests* must be taken on the dates established in the pre-enrolment calendar, on each of the following subjects:

  • Strategic Marketing: 6 credits.
  • Market Research I: 6 credits.
  • Market Research II: 6 credits.
  • Communication Strategies and Techniques: 6 credits.
  • Product Management: 6 credits.

If a student fails one of these exams, they may enrol for the corresponding subjects and take them during the master's degree.

* Students who have taken the bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management and passed these subjects do not have to take the corresponding examinations.