University of Barcelona

Marketing and Market Research


Pre-enrolment calendar

- First period: 3 February - 30 March 2022.

- Second period: 14 April - 29 June 2022.

Closed Pre-enrolment


  • Pre-enrolment fee: A pre-enrolment fee of 30,21 euros is charged. Students who apply to more than one master's degree must pay the fee for each pre-enrolment request. Pre-enrolment requests cannot be processed until this fee has been paid.Fees will only be refunded if the master's degree in question is suspended.
  • Reserved places: A maximum of 5% of the new places of the master's degree are reserved for students who meet the general and specific access requirements and accredit the recognition of a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

Required documentation

Selection criteria

Applications from candidates who meet the requirements for admission to the master's degree shall be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Official academic transcript of previous qualification(s), including those that provide access to the master's degree and other courses considered of interest. The length of the academic courses must be specified, as well as the list of subjects passed and the qualifications obtained, the study load and credits of each subject, and the assessment system used by the university. Students who have completed official courses of study at the UB will only be required to submit their academic transcript. (40%)
  • Curriculum vitae. (20%)
  • The issuing university and its position in the QS University Rankings for Social Sciences, Tilburg Economics and ISI Ranking of Spanish universities. (15%)
  • Proof of having obtained a grant or funding prior to the master's degree course. (10%)
  • Statement of interest. (5%)
  • Certification of an advanced level of English (at least level B1 or equivalent). (5%)
  • Certification of previous knowledge of advanced computer applications and tools. (5%)

IMPORTANT: Candidates who are pre-selected on the basis of their curriculum vitae and statement of interest will be asked for a four- or five-minute explanatory video.

IMPORTANT: International students from non-Spanish speaking countries must certify an advanced level of Spanish (at least B2 or equivalent). If students do not have a certificate, they must attend an interview, which may be online.


The Selection Committee appointed by the Coordination Committee will be responsible for the final decisions on candidates' applications. Candidates will be informed of the decision by email. At the start of the course, the documents of admitted students will be returned in person.

This resolution may be contested by lodging an appeal with the Academic Committee of the corresponding faculty/university school, within one month and one day of receiving notification, in accordance with Articles 121 and 122 of Spanish Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the legal framework of Public Administrations Common Administrative Procedure.


Closed Enrolment