University of Barcelona

Actuarial and Financial Sciences



To undertake an institutional or company placement, the student must:

a) Be enrolled on the subject Institutional or Company Placement, which is part of the master’s degree in Financial and Actuarial Sciences (the student cannot enrol for this subject until the training project has been fully defined).

b) have completed at least 60 credits (including bridging courses) at the start of the placement.

Curricular practices may be enrolled at any time during the academic year

Coordinator: Miguel Santolino.

Normative for the evaluation of curricular practices

The process of evaluation of curricular practices of the master’s degree in Actuarial and Financial Sciences follows the rules of evaluation established for curricular practices to degrees and masters of the Facultat d’Economia i Empresa de la Universitat de Barcelona.

Personalized document Assessment of curricular practices

Calendar and guide for the realization of evaluation memory

Companies with which Master in Actuarial and Financial Science has a collaboration agreement.