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Actuarial and Financial Sciences

Organization and teaching methodology

Organization and teaching methodology

This masters program consists of 90 ECTS credits. Plus 30 credits of pre-requisite training.

The pre-requisite trainig consists of five modules form the Insurance and Finance mention from the Univerty of Barcelona Bussiness Graduate course. In order to enter the masters degree all students must acredit knowledge corresponding to all five of the pre-requisite modules. Those students that can not accredit such knowledge will have to do so during the course. Further information about can be found at  Recommended applicant profile and admission requirements.

From the total 90 ECTS crèdits, 60 belong to obligatory modules that can be done either partiarlly or totally during the first year of teaching, depending of the degree of dedication. The remaing 30 ECTS are distributed as follows: 15 belong to one of two specializations that can be chosen during the secong year of teaching. The remaining 15 belong to the Final Project.



Manuela Bosch Princep  - Department of Economic, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics


Maria Victoria Ortíz Martínez - Office of Masters and Doctorate


Ana Maria Gil Lafuente -  Business Department  

Catalina Bolancé Losilla - Department of Econometrics, Statistics and Applied Economics

Fco. Javier Sarrasi Vizcarra - Department of Economic, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Joan Piñol Torres  -  Student representative

Joaquin Viola Comabella -  Department of Private Law  

Jordi Martí Pidelaserra - Business Department  

Marta Gómez Puig - Department of Economics 

Miguel Angel Santolino Prieto - Department of Econometrics, Statistics and Applied Economics

Teresa Costa Cor - Department of Economic, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics