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If it is the first time you are enrolling in this master you first have to complete the pre-enrolment application.
Enrollment Calendar 2020/2021

  • First period: From the 20/07/2020 to the 31/07/2020 only for second year students
  • Second period: Del 02/09/2020 to the 20/10/2020
  • In the eventuality of there being vacant places waiting list students will be enroled form the 28/09/2020 to the 21/10/2020

Only for second semeter subjects

To be anounced.

Enrolment Modification request,

Upon acceptance of the application, there must be the enrolment process following the steps below. Remember that to get the final admission you must have all documentation requested and that it must have been validated. Otherwise you can not start the registration.

STEP 1: Complete the on line registration form:

In this process you must choose the subjects of specialization according to the master’s program and under the supervision of the master coordination.

STEP 2: Enrolment Accepted

The course coordinator will forward the registration proposal to the subjects that you have proposed once validated.

STEP 3 :Enrolment and Fee Payment

Look at the enrolment price information, the discounts available and the payment process.

Important: To enroll conditionally as a grant, you must meet the requirements established by law. More information in UB portal.

As specified in Article 1 of the Guidelines for the recognition and transfer of credits for courses in the official master’s degree from the University of Barcelona adopted by the Governing Council on February 7, 2012, the limit to the number of credits that can be recognized shall not exceed, in aggregate, 15% of the credits of the course the student is enrolled in.

In this standard, Annex A.1 specify the required documentation, case by case.

Attached is also the form that must be presented at the Master and Doctorate Office (OMD – Oficina de Màsters i Doctorat) along with the required documentation.

Application and documentation will not be accepted if it is not complete.

Enrolment payment

View the link.

Academic Year 2020-2021

The Economic and Academic Regulations of Enrolment at the University of Barcelona, approved by the Academic Committee of the Consell de Govern on July 19, 2012 and by the Consell Social dated July 13, 2012, specify that the price of credit will result of doubling the price set by the Official Journal of the Generalitat of Catalonia to the official teachings.

This multiplier does not apply in the event that the student has a residence permit greater than one academic year.

This agreement does not apply to students of the European Union, member countries of the European Economic Agreement, Switzerland or Andorra, and students with a residence permit greater than one academic year.

Costs and Fees
These are the prices and fees for the Academic year 2020/21.

ECTS price 46,11€ (*)
Price of teaching materials and infrastructure 70,00 €
Transcript Management 69,80 €
Degree equivalency study (for those who have studied outside Spain) 218,15€
Recognition rate, adaptation, transfer and credit recognition 54,54€
Enrolment modification 27,27€

Other charges once the master is finished:

Master’s degree certificate (with European Supplement) 218,15 €
Hard Copy Transcript 27,27 €

(*) The cost of credit is € 46,11 for students from EU countries, member countries of the European Economic Agreement, Switzerland and Andorra, as well as students with a residence permit longer than one academic year. The price for the rest of students will be € 82,00.