University of Barcelona

International Business

Objectives and competences


The objective of the university master's degree in International Business is to provide practical, specialized training in the management of global companies, covering finance and accounting, marketing, operations, human resources and strategic management, as well as legal aspects.

The master's degree programme helps students to work more efficiently with solid skills in management or tasks relating to the above areas in international companies of any kind and size. This is achieved through a large number of varied subjects relating to business administration.


Basic competences
  • Knowledge forming the basis of original thinking in the development and/or application of ideas, typically in a research context.
  • Capacity to apply the acquired knowledge to problem-solving in new or relatively unknown environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the field of studies.
  • Capacity to integrate knowledge and tackle the complexity of formulating judgements based on incomplete or limited information, taking due consideration of the social and ethical responsibilities involved in applying knowledge and making judgements.
  • Capacity to communicate knowledge and conclusions and the grounds on which they have been reached to specialist and non-specialist audiences in a clear and unambiguous manner.
  • Capacity for ongoing self-directed and independent learning.

General competences
  • Creative and entrepreneurial skills (capacity to conceive, design and manage projects/capacity to research and integrate new knowledge and approaches).
  • Capacity to propose a business or innovation project based on an original idea, whose feasibility can then be assessed.

Specific competences
  • Capacity to apply the main concepts and management tools to solve business problems and situations related to the strategic, financial, commercial, operations and logistics management of international companies.
  • Capacity to to adopt a strategic, integrated approach to business problems and to tackle them at international scale.
  • Capacity to analyse and interpret the economic and financial information issued by an international business, in order to make well-considered decisions.
  • Capacity to plan and direct the financial organization and accounting of an international company or group of companies in the global arena, to ensure their profitability and solvency.
  • Capacity to understand and use the marketing tools and instruments required to solve problems and generate opportunities, and to apply knowledge of the principles and tools of research to solve problems relating to market research and international marketing.
  • Capacity to learn appropriate heuristic strategies, methods, and techniques for taking decisions in the operations area of an international business.
  • Capacity to manage the international logistics of a company or group of companies to obtain optimal management of the supply chain.
  • Capacity to manage people and teams in international organisations, in order to increase their motivation and their multiculturalism.
  • Capacity to analyse options, potentialities and opportunities in various regions of global economies; to identify the specificities of each type of market and society, so as to obtain the best effectiveness in action, depending on the responsibility of each professional position.
  • Capacity to acquire advanced knowledge to compile scientific documents, specialized reports, and research assignments in which value judgements are given, in suitable formats for publication or presentation before potential stakeholders at global scale.