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Information for the student – Marketing and Market Research

Final project

The Final Master’s Project (TFM) is one of the most important learning activities of the program. The student has the opportunity to deepen the study of a topic of interest while allowing him to develop and consolidate fundamental skills and abilities, such as the ability to plan a process, solve problems, analyze and interpret results, or defend proposals through efficient communication, among others.

The TFM consists in the planning, realization, presentation and defense of a project or research work on a specific area of Marketing. Its purpose is to promote the application of the skills and knowledge acquired in the different subjects of the Master, as well as to facilitate the development of relevant competences.

The TFM can be a specific marketing plan referring to a product / service / company, or a research work applied to a sector in which the conclusions and recommendations of the same, could serve any company that works or would like to introduce itself in that sector. Another option is to perform another type of work as long as the tutor accepts it, since the TFM is carried out under the direction of a tutor, whose function is to guide and help the student in each of the phases of its realization.

For the Final Master’s Project (TFM), there is a virtual campus of the subject to which the student has access once enrolled. This is the space for communication and the exchange of information.