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Teacher in Early Childhood Education



Early childhood teachers have the responsibility to contribute to the physical and motor, emotional, communicative, social and cognitive development of children from zero to six years of age, through the design of educational situations prepared for this purpose and the teachers’ involvement therein, in a climate of safety and trust at all times. Early childhood teachers perform this role with the cooperation and participation of families, fellow teaching colleagues and, if applicable, other professionals.


Students who wish to pursue this degree must be aware of the importance, the challenge and the responsibility involved, as early childhood teachers, in taking part in the child’s development in this first stage of life, a stage during which the child becomes a person. Therefore, undergraduate studies and on-going training are required throughout the teacher’s career in order to be well-qualified childhood education professionals. 

As university members, students bear the academic responsibility to foster the quality and prestige of the degree through their actions. Learning must be made a priority in the university student’s life. 

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSocial Sciences
Approximate price per credit17,69 €