University of Barcelona

Teacher in Primary Education

Recommended applicant profile

  • The bachelor's degree Teacher in Primary Education is a university qualification and can be accessed by candidates who meet the University of Barcelona's admission requirements, as indicated by the Office for University Entrance.
  • Primary school teachers work in a professional environment that requires great dedication to others, specifically to children and their families, along with the other professionals associated with child development. Therefore, it is essential to have very good interpersonal and social skills. In particular, it is important to be emotionally balanced and to have the skills needed to work in a team and adopt the required roles in group projects.
  • Students are expected to have an interest in culture, human and scientific knowledge, and above all, to respect different beliefs, social practices and cultures.
  • Academically, students must be capable of regulating their own learning (planning, organising, taking and evaluating decisions, and acting accordingly). They must be able to produce knowledge rigorously in the framework of education, both individually and as a group, and generate new ideas based on researching and reflecting on the subjects covered in initial training in the bachelor's degree in Primary Education.