University of Barcelona




Catalonia has pioneered educational reform since the 19th century, with noteworthy initiatives, institutions and figures in the realm of education that have garnered national and international renown (Emili Mira, Pere Rosselló, Rosa Sensat, Alexandre Galí and Alexandre Sanvisens, among others). This wealth has generated an on-going debate regarding all the fields of education, and since education was first introduced in university studies, specifically at the University of Barcelona in 1929, educational knowledge has steadily grown.

Today, education has, in addition to the school environment, two growing fields of action, i.e. the social field, and in particular, the business sector. Training is no longer confined to schools; organisations and companies are increasingly becoming areas in which education is carried out – see examples in the section on career opportunities.

Basic information
Interuniversity No
Branch of knowledge Social Sciences
Credits 240
Faculty or school Faculty of Education
Approximate price per credit 25,27 €