The UB, among the top 50 universities worldwide in Education

News | 10-04-2018

The University of Barcelona is one of the top 50 universities worldwide in the disciplines of Anatomy and Physiology (21st position worldwide), Archaeology (33rd), Philosophy (46th) and Education (49th), according to the new edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018. The new international ranking highlights that the top listed universities in a larger number of disciplines are Harvard University (United States), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) and the University of Oxford (United Kingdom).


In this international ranking, which got published today, the UB is listed among the top universities worldwide in 37 out of the 48 disciplines that are analysed by this prestigious ranking, which evaluates several academic indicators in the fields of knowledge of Social Sciences and Management, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Life Sciences and Medicine, and Natural Sciences –the UB is listed among the top 100 universities worldwide. 

In particular, the UB outstands as one of the top 100 universities worldwide in 18 out of the 48 analysed disciplines, which are Anatomy and Physiology, Archaeology, Philosophy, Education, Art and Design, Modern Languages, Agriculture, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Anthropology, Social Policy and Administration, Sociology, Sports and Statistics. 

Leading institution in Spain in ten disciplines

The UB is the leading institution in Spain in ten disciplines, which are Archaeology, Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Biological Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Chemistry, Earth and Marine Sciences, Education, and Statistics and Operational Research. It also stands out in a total of 23 disciplines among the top Spanish universities.  

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