University of Barcelona

Training of Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Course curriculum

The master's degree in Training of Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language has a total study load of 90 credits divided between six subject areas: 75 compulsory credits (corresponding to three subject areas, the professional placement and the final project) and 15 optional credits. 

The three compulsory subject areas (50 credits) provide the backbone of the course. The first consists of three subjects that cover the theory of foreign language teaching and learning and related research methods. The second consists of five subjects focused specifically on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The third consists of two subjects relating to the description and use of languages, in particular of Spanish. 

The placement (5 credits) allows for the application of theoretical knowledge acquired from the compulsory subjects in a real-world setting. 

The final project (20 credits) provides the opportunity to fully demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired in the first two semesters of the programme. 

The optional credits comprise 10 subjects (not all of them offered every year) that explore aspects and specific areas of Spanish as a foreign language. Students must complete 15 optional credits spread over the first semester (5 credits) and third semester (10 credits).