University of Barcelona

Dual pathways: Pharmacy - Human Nutrition and Dietetics


The Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences at the University of Barcelona offers the opportunity to study the bachelor's degrees in Pharmacy and Human Nutrition and Dietetics as dual programmes, at the UB’s two Campuses of International Excellence, the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC) and the HUBc health sciences campus.

Admission is via the standard pre-enrolment process.


  • Students obtain the two bachelor's degrees.
  • A total of 399 ECTS credits are required to pass, significantly less than the 540 credits corresponding to the full study loads of the two separate degrees.
  • The course is carried out over approximately 12 semesters.
  • The schedule is organized specifically to allow students to take all of the subjects required for the two degree programmes. Since there is some overlap in content, some subjects can be completed for one degree and recognised as part of the study load of the other, based on the UB’s official tables of equivalence.

Why take a double degree?

The double degree reflects the close relationship and considerable skills overlap between the two professional areas. Both bachelor's degrees are officially classified as belonging to the “health sciences” branch of knowledge defined by the Spanish government, and access to professional practice – either as a pharmacist or as a nutritionist-dietician – is regulated by specific ministerial orders