University of Barcelona

Food Safety

Course curriculum

The master's degree in Food Safety focuses on three broad areas: 
  1. Risk appraisal (understanding and assessment of possible dangers associated with poor food safety).
  2. Risk management (decision-making in addressing risks, using a risk-benefit analysis approach).
  3. Risk communication (tools for raising awareness and informing about perceived and actual risks, to prevent complacency or undue alarm).
The degree content is divided between three modules, with a total of six compulsory subjects and twelve optional subjects. Students also complete a final project, with a study load of 15 credits, which may consist of laboratory research, practical work in a company in the sector, or experience in a relevant government department.

To obtain the master's degree, students must complete 60 credits: 30 for core compulsory subjects, 15 for optional subjects, and 15 for the Final Project.