University of Barcelona

Fine Art (extinction)

Course plans

List of subjects 2020-2021

Subject Type Credits
Anthropology and Sociology of Art FB 6
Art and Social Intervention OT 6
Art Psychology and Gender Studies FB 6
Art, Technology and Printmaking OT 6
Artistic and Cultural Policy. Intellectual Property OB 6
Artistic Experimentation Unit (UEA) in Artistic Spaces: Light and Environmental Mutations OT 6
Artistic Experimentation Unit (UEA) in Arts in Transit: Nomadic Visions OT 6
Artistic Experimentation Unit (UEA) in New Coverings and Continents in Art OT 6
Artistic Experimentation Unit (UEA) in Sound Art: Artistic Currents and Sound Installations OT 6
Arts Medial OT 6
Audiovisual Laboratory OB 6
Body, Face and Identity: Plural Treatment OT 6
Casting in Sculpture: Metal, Glass, Molds, Elastomers and Resins OT 6
Concepts in Contemporary Art FB 6
Concepts in Modern Art FB 6
Contemporary Visuals OB 6
Creative Workshop I OB 12
Creative Workshop II OB 12
Creative Workshop III OB 12
Criticism of Representation OB 6
Design of Interactive Elements, Audiovisual Design and Media Design OT 6
Documental Processes OT 6
Drawing and Animation OT 6
Drawing Movement OT 6
Engraving and Printing Laboratory OB 6
Expansions in Art OB 6
Extensive Image OT 6
Final project TR 18
Graphic Application Laboratory FB 6
Graphic Representation FB 6
Iconology OT 6
Image, Narrative and Memory OT 6
Initiation to Processes and Projects I FB 12
Initiation to Processes and Projects II FB 12
Interdisciplinary Approaches OB 6
Intersection in Personal Pathways. Spaces for Creation and for Dissemination OT 6
Introduction to Creative Therapy OT 6
Laboratory for Techniques and Materials in Sculpture and Art OB 6
Models, Mock-ups and Prototypes OT 6
Painting Laboratory OB 6
Painting versus the End of Art OT 6
Photography OT 6
Photography Laboratory OB 6
Practices of the Body: Performance OT 6
Processes in Artistic Creation OB 12
Projects in Artistic Creation OB 12
Reproductibility: Ideas and Processes OT 6
Research Based in the Arts OT 6
Sculpture and Landscape: Art and Nature, Acting on the Landscape, Urban Staging OT 6
Sculpture in Natural Materials: Clay, Stone, Wood and Natural Fibres OT 6
Sculpture Laboratory OB 6
Seminars for Artists and Cultural Producers OB 6
Theories of Interpretation: Mnemosyne and the Arts OT 6
Urban Art and Culture OT 6
World and Society: Materials to Form an Inventory for Artistic Practice OT 6