University of Barcelona

Production and Artistic Research

Support and guidance


New entry students.

  • Individualized attention for pre-enrolled students.
  • Masters presentation activities (about the teaching method)
  • Every year, a new schedule is provided, according to the Master lectures and activities. (Schedule and timetable of each semester).
  • Both, actions to support students with specific characteristics or profiles (students with disabilities, with excellent performance, ...) and actions directed specifically to inform and support foreign students are held.


Second year students.

  • The two specialties are presented by the respective coordinators and the teaching staff of each line in the month of September of each year.
  • The coordinators of each line have a session scheduled for tutoring students and signing the forms of the subjects they are enrolled in.
  • Throughout the year, students are provided with information about various activities (art exhibitions, conferences, seminars) of interest that take place within and outside the faculty: posted in an information panel and electronically.
  • The students are provided with information about other topics of interest includind: calls for training placements (programs, courses, workshops in Barcelona and other cities), calls for scholarships (academic, and external: expansion of training and artistic production estudies) and other topics of interest.
  • Other training and guidance activities for professional integration and continuity in other studies (with invited experts) are conducted.
  • Students are also informed about the "Scholarship for postgraduate students", specific to the Master: Grant Suñol (exclusively for students who graduate in the Master, linked to the UB).
  • Besides, the Master has promoted since its inception (and from its two specialties) activities of exhibition and public broadcast of the masters final projects in public and private art centres of the city of Barcelona, in Catalonian museums and national and overseas calls.