Seminari: Dissecting how cells internalize and process nano-sized drug carriers for nanomedicine applications


27-05-2021 a 27-05-2021

Conferenciant: Dr. Anna Salvati, Department of Nanomedicine & Drug Targeting Groningen Research  Institute of Pharmacy University of Groningen Antonius Deusinglaan,  The Netherlands

Resum: Our research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of uptake and intracellular trafficking of nano-sized materials to guide the design of targeted nanomedicines. To this aim, we combine different methods to identify the cell receptor interacting with nano-sized materials and characterize the mechanisms by which they are internalized by cells. Additional efforts are focused on developing advanced /in vitro /models more closely resembling the /in vivo /environment for our studies, including endothelial cell barriers and precision cut tissue slices from different organs. We show that the corona molecules adsorbing on the nanoparticles in blood can be recognized by specific cell receptors, and they can also affect the mechanism cells use for nanoparticle uptake. Using liposomes of different composition, we show how the composition of the corona forming in serum can be tuned to modulate uptake efficiency and uptake kinetics.