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Archaeology is the science that studies past human societies and their development by means of the material register recovered through excavation, field survey and a wide range of multidisciplinary analyses. Knowing the past is of fundamental importance for understanding the present.

The University of Barcelona is the foremost university in Spain in the field of archaeology and one of the leading institutions in Europe and the world, according to the QS World University Rankings.

The bachelor's degree in Archeology is aimed at anyone interested in the past of humankind. It delves in understanding the origins of humanity in prehistoric times and the great Empires, our medieval and postmedieval past and the material knowledge of contemporary cultures.

The degree in Archeology rests on a scientific and research structures of high quality recognized by international university rankings. Numerous quality research groups dedicated to Archeology at the UB develop national and international research projects of great importance that are ideal to complement the training of students.

Our degree also promotes national and international mobility agreements with selected universities.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeArts and Humanities
Approximate price per credit25,04 €