University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Geography (extinction)



The bachelor’s degree in Geography provides theoretical and technical training on territorial analysis at various scales and with the environmental, socio-economic and regional perspectives.

The objective is for geography students to be trained in the analysis and synthesis of information through digital cartography, while stimulating reflection and criticism. Students are also provided with tools to contribute to the debates in which the relations between society and the physical environment are taken into account and to be enabled to make decisions, resolve conflicts and generate agreements.To do this, geographic information systems (GIS) are used to develop maps, diagnoses and proposals on the territory and landscape.

The bachelor’s degree in Geography provides the opportunity to work on topics such as land planning, conservation and environmental change, management of the future of cities, and more. The degree offers a wide range of in-company placements for final year students to encourage their employment, as well as a significant number of agreements with other European universities to pursue part of the degree abroad.

Basic information

Interuniversity No
Branch of knowledge Social Sciences
Credits 240
Approximate price per credit 17,69 €