University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Geography (extinction)

Career opportunities

  • Cartography and geographic information systems (GIS) (GPS, urban mobility, environmental remote sensing, etc.).
  • Study of changes in the natural environment (climate change, biodiversity, water resources, etc.) and the human one (land change, economic and migratory crises, food safety, etc.).
  • Analysis of cities and their socio-economic activities (smart cities, transport networks, urban plans, gentrification, heat islands, tourism, etc.).
  • Local and regional territorial planning and development (rural depopulation, regional imbalances, territorial conflicts and social movements, planning tools, etc.).
  • Assessment of environmental impact and landscape integration (environmental disasters, sustainable development, invasive species, waste management, natural park network, ecological connectivity, natural and sociocultural history of the territory, etc.).
  • Higher technical body of public administration.
  • Editorial production and dissemination in the media.
  • Academic career through scholarships: master’s degrees and doctorates.
  • Research in research centres.
  • Teaching geography.