Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Barcelona

As Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Barcelona, I am pleased to welcome anyone who has come to this website seeking to learn more about us.

Despite the cold virtual environment, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to present a faculty made up of students and teaching staff who are passionate about anthropology, archaeology, geography, history and art history, the scientific disciplines taught here. Together with the administrative and service staff, we work hard every day to create a competitive, quality higher-education institution in the human and social sciences that is committed to the core values of a public university.

Our main task is to provide our students with the training they need to become future anthropology, archaeology, geography, history and art history professionals, adapting to emerging training needs without losing sight of the tradition our disciplines are rooted in, endeavouring to convey our passion for knowledge, critical thinking and reflection.

Our commitment to cutting-edge research at both the national and international level also plays a prominent role in our activity, through our staff’s participation in research projects and our support for doctoral theses, publications and conference papers. We also engage in other activities, such as our lifelong learning initiatives to meet the demand for specialization or new needs and professionals; our efforts to spread and promote the human and social sciences; or the ever difficult challenge of transferring our research to society, as a way of strengthening the university’s connection with the world around it.

This website offers information on the Faculty’s organization (governing bodies, departments, directory), its ordinary business (administrative procedures, governing regulations), and the range of services it offers to students and anyone else who turns to it. You can learn more about the academic offer (bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral programmes, university extension courses or the University of Experience), the growth opportunities it offers students during their education (exchange programmes, work placements, scholarships and prizes), and the activities organized to enliven faculty life and create a sense of community, such as the Theatre Workshop or the Choir. You can also learn more about the research groups and their lines of research, as well as the activities held here, and access the expert guide made up from the Faculty’s staff.

We hope this website will help you get to know our faculty better, whether you are already part of it or, especially, if you are a prospective student or looking for information about our research or activities. In closing, the Faculty of Geography and History is a small city that brings together nearly 5,000 people, to learn, teach, work and, in short, live and enjoy every day in Barcelona’s central Raval district. This website allows you to visit us any time, from anywhere in the world. Come get to know us!