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The Faculty of Geography and History offers a broad and varied range of official bachelor’s, university master’s and doctoral degrees.

The Faculty offers four-year bachelor’s degrees in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, History, and Art History.

The master’s degree offer is likewise broad and includes specialized studies in specific topics. 

  • Anthropology and Ethnography
  • Advanced Studies in Archaeology
  • Advanced Studies in Art History
  • Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies
  • Latin American Studies (biannual)
  • Cultural Heritage Management and Museology
  • Contemporary History and Today's World
  • Music as an Interdisciplinary Art
  • Spatial Planning and Environmental Management
  • Urban Tourism


Other interuniversity master's degrees are taught, although they are not coordinated by the University of Barcelona: Management of Mountain Areas  (UdL) and History and Identities of the Western Mediterranean (UV).

Finally, a doctoral degree is the highest academic qualification a student can earn in his or her training and qualifies the holder to teach and conduct research at the university level. The Faculty offers three doctoral programmes: in Medieval Cultures, in Geography, Territorial Planning and Environmental Management, and in Society and Culture: History, Anthropology, Art and Heritage.