University of Barcelona

Music as an Interdisciplinary Art


Registration procedure

Registration takes place during the month of September. Before it, it is necessary to have a previous interview with the coordinator of the master (fifth floor, office 5008) in order to select the most suitable subjects according to the personal interests of each student, the schedule and availability.
Then, the student has to go to the general secretariat (ground floor) to formalize it, bringing the requested original documents. In the secretariat the student will get the username to have access to the the online site and there he/she can do the online registration on. The payment has to be done by bank account.
It is also possible to pay in two parts or monthly. In this second case, you have to ask for it at the moment of the enrollment and wait for the authorization of the Department of Education.
The student has a few days to check the official registration. After this short period, it will not be possible to withdraw getting the payment back. On the other hand, you can always cancel a course if you do not plan to go on with it; like this, the subject will not count as failed.
During the month of February a short period of enrollment is opened for the subjects of the second semester.

Enrollment plan
Students must enroll 60 credits in the following order:
30 compulsory master's credits. 20 from compulsory subjects and 10 from the final work of the Master.
30 optional credits to choose among an offer of 60.
The master can be divided into two academic courses, enrolling at least 20 credits per year, by previously speaking with the coordinator.