University of Barcelona

Music as an Interdisciplinary Art

Academic calendar

In general, the compulsory subjects are taughed during the first semester and the optative ones during the second semester.
In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the internship, the internship report and the final work of the master will be done throughout the course, although the student has to hand them during the month of June.

Teaching schedule


Beginning of the first semester                19/09/2016

End of the first semester                         27/01/2017

Reevaluation                                           15 and 17/03/2017


Beginning of the second semester          06/02/2017

End of the second semester                    02/06/2017

Reevaluation                                           17 and 19/07/2017


The presentations of the final works of the Master will be done during the month of July, as well as the ones of the internship reports and the reevaluation for those who did not pass a subject.