University of Barcelona

Advanced Studies in Archaeology

Career opportunities

The master's degree in Advanced Studies in Archaeology provides students with comprehensive, up-to-date training in three areas of archaeology: bioarchaeology and paleoenvironmental studies, archaeology of materials and technological processes, and the record of archeological structures and the territory. In each of these areas, students will complete advanced theoretical and methodological training that will prepare them to work professionally or start a solid research career.

The training prepares graduates for a scientific career in close collaboration with members of research teams in the areas of archaeology, prehistory and heritage. Students who are interested in following this path will be provided with opportunities to join research teams and with all the information and support required to obtain research grants that could contribute to the development of a doctoral thesis and the start of a research career. Notably, the Archaeology and Paleontology Research Plan of Catalonia (PIACAT) promotes the training of professionals and the funding of research in the areas covered by the master's degree.

In the professional sphere, advanced training in fields and techniques for which there is high demand in current archeological practice (geoarchaeology, archeobotany, chemical analysis and petrography, microstratigraphy, GIS for recording, photogrammetry and scanning, etc.) provides added value in the archeological training of the student, and in improving competitiveness in the work environment, as knowledge is gained in a wide range of techniques and advanced methods.

In addition, the comprehensive, innovative, multidisciplinary nature of the master's degree is designed to train students in the study, management and dissemination of archeological heritage, as well as the coordination, execution and management of archeological and heritage projects in the public and private arena.

To improve the job opportunities of students in the sector of professional archaeology, seminars and conferences will be held with heads of companies and of the public administration.