University of Barcelona

Advanced Studies in Art History

Assessment system

The evaluation will be Continuous and during the academic term established for each course, according to the study plans and the academic schedule fixed by the University.

Students, however, have the right to chose a Single Evaluation. When choosing it, the student will be resigning to the Continuous Evaluation. In order to be evaluated by this modality, the student will have to request it according to the deadlines and procedures established by the Academic Committee.

You will find further information regarding this topic in the third chapter of the Regulation of Teaching Plans and Evaluations and Qualification of the learning process of the University of Barcelona (Consell de Govern, 8 de maig de 2012)

The reevaluation system is thought to all those students who have failed once all evaluation processes are done. Students willing to improve their marks are not allowed at the reevaluation system.

The evaluation criteria and the qualification method are explained in detail at the courses' teaching plans.