University of Barcelona

Advanced Studies in Art History

Career opportunities

The knowledge acquired during this master's degree is increasingly called for in teaching and research, and has a number of professional applications in the field of social development.
The impact of the recent financial crisis has not prevented graduates of this programme from finding work. Some have created their own companies for cultural activities, others are involved in publishing, museums, archives, fairs, auction houses and art and antiques galleries. This dynamism is supported by the offer of internships and work placements (curricular and non-curricular) and the inclusion of subjects closely related to the distribution and commercialization of art.
Since the course was introduced, efforts have been made to build relationships with companies and institutions and establish areas for collaboration. Experts from the sector are regularly involved in the teaching of the course, and students are also invited to visit experienced professionals in their places of business. The programme typically receives numerous offers of collaboration and receives regular information on professional vacancies open to its students.