University of Barcelona

Advanced Studies in Art History

Course curriculum

Advanced Studies in Art History is a 60-credit university master's degree that is taught face-to-face, offering two specializations:

  • Art through Time and Thought.
  • Art in Society.

The master's degree study load consists of:
  • 15 credits, for common, compulsory subjects for each specialization.
  • A maximum of 30 credits for optional subjects in the chosen specialization (or a minimum of 20 credits for one specialization and 10 free-elective credits for the other specialization).
  • 15 credits, for the compulsory final project.

Students who have not enrolled for the minimum number of credits in one of the specializations can take an open pathway, in which they chose 30 optional credits from all those available on the master's degree.

The syllabus is divided into the following subject blocks:
  • 30 credits, for three common, compulsory subject blocks for all students.
    1. Fundamental Aspects of the History and Theory of Art (10 credits)
    2. Institutional or Company Placement (5 credits)
    3. Final Project (15 credits)
  • 30 credits, for two optional subject blocks:
    1. Art through Time and Thought (15 credits)
    2. Art in Society (15 credits)

Curriculum (in Catalan)