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Contemporary History and Today's World (currently being replaced)

Assessment system

The evaluation can be continuous evaluation or single evaluation. For more information about the assessment regulation: Legislation regulating the teaching plans of the subjects and the evaluation and qualification of learning (approved by the Governing Council on 8 May 2012). Normativa reguladora dels plans docents de les assignatures i de l’avaluació i la qualificació dels aprenentatges (aprovada per Consell de Govern en data 8 de maig de 2012).

Continuous assessment includes different tests that are announced in the teaching plan of each subject. This is the most common evaluation system.

The teaching plan of each subject includes information about the specific evaluation tests/works of both the continuous assessment and the single one and the student has the right to choose which one he/she will follow.

A revaluation period will be opened after the period of evaluation and the publication of results

You can find the specific requirements of each kind of evaluation system in the teaching plan of each subject.