Personality and music research to celebrate Els Vespres d’Hivern fifth anniversary

News | 13-01-2020

Els Vespres d’Hivern at the University of Barcelona reach this year with the aim of showing the most referential and particular music proposals of the contemporary emerging scenario. With a risky, open and cross-sectional criteria which is typical of the series, the program includes projects of great artistic value, showing its new albums in Barcelona. On the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of February, at 8 p.m., the Paranimph of the Historical Building will be the window to four exclusive performances.


This year’s program offers the chance to enjoy the scene of the feminist flamenco show by Laboratoria Flamenco; the warm universe of the singer-songwriter Maria Jaume Martorell; the dreamy and sophisticated pop by the duo Cor Blanc, and the powerful virtuosity of the pianist and composer Carles Viarnès. Projects full of personality, vigour, experimentation, and love for the music.

Tickets for the first concert will be available after January 21. Tickets are free and have to be downloaded from the website. Bear in mind there is limited room capacity.

Artistic direction and coordination of the cycle are carried out by Mireia Madroñero and count on the production of Bankrobber.   


Multidisciplinary scenic proposal of music and dance in which four women reflect on, analyse and experiment through flamenco, singing and dancing, and electronics, on the female condition. They will show in Vespres d’Hivern some fragments of the creation process of their upcoming show Y perdí mi centro. 

February 14 – MARIA JAUME
Intimate and melancholic project revolving around independent songs, folk and pop. Sincere and neat songs with transparent lyrics, with Majorcan accent. One of the most promising voices in the current independent music. Winner of the 2019 Sona9 award, she will be on stage in Vespres d’Hivern together with Africa Blades in the keyboard.

February 21 – COR BLANC
Mireia Bernat and Sergi Serra Mir are a duo from Barcelona playing with synthetic dreamy pop, fine electronics and lo-fi, playing electric guitar, synthesizer and rhythmic box. A music proposal full of feelings and talent and an aesthetic universe full of personality, engine and character. They will present their new album in Vespres d’Hivern.    

February 28 – CARLES VIARNÈS
Pianist, composer of classics and creator within the minimalism and contemporary music, with hints of electronic music and experimentation. In Vespres d’Hivern, he will officially present his fourth album Nun, intimate and evocative pieces that take us to unknown dimensions.