Students at the faculty door

The Faculty of Information and Audiovisual Media of the University of Barcelona dates its origins to 1915, when the Mancomunitat de Catalunya founded the School of Librarians, from which the present-day Faculty was created. This long-standing tradition is combined with a modern approach that has seen the Faculty adapt to the changing requirements of society and the professional work in a variety of eras.

The Faculty of Library and Information Science currently offers bachelor's degrees in the areas of information and documentation management and audiovisual communication. Student may then move on to a range of official master's degrees and progress to doctoral studies, or can also choose from a variety of UB-specific postgraduate progammes and lifelong learning courses.

The Faculty strives particularly to offer teaching of recognized quality and is closely involved with the professional sectors to which its studies are linked. Teaching and research are carried out in modern and well-equipped facilities in a location with excellent public transport links. 

Through these pages we welcome you to the Faculty and invite students, professionals and researchers to visit us and find out more about what we do.