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Courses in criminology have been offered at the UB since 1955, and have the longest traditional of all Spanish universities. The bachelor's degree in Criminology is focused on analysing crime as part of social reality. In line with this idea, the course aims to develop students' knowledge about those affected by crime (criminals, victims and groups) and its context (social and economic). This knowledge of the phenomenon of crime, its subjects and causes is the main basis of criminal policy.

Taking into account the multi-faceted nature of the discipline, criminology studies are multidisciplinary. The curriculum reflects this, and combines contents on criminology with others on law, psychology, sociology, medicine, statistics and methodology, as well as history and social work.

The theoretical and practical approach of the bachelor's degree ensures that students learn about the social context of crime and gain the professional skills required of a criminologist. As well as a general pathway, the bachelor's degree offers specializations in Safety and Prevention and in Forensic Criminology and Criminal Enforcement.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSocial Sciences
Approximate price per credit17,69 €